Barry Bonds

If Barry Bonds was born into a family with a past in baseball, he was bound to follow in their footsteps. People who knew him well say that baseball was in his blood, since both his father and uncle were famous players. Bonds learned to play baseball as a child and worked his way up to the major leagues with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1986. He moved to the San Francisco Giants as soon as 1993.

Barry Bonds

Both his father and godfather played for that team. In a little more than twenty years as a player, Bonds became famous all over the world. Fourteen times he was named an All-Star, and he won eight Golden Gloves before he retired. He also held a number of records, such as the most career home runs (762), the most home runs in a single season (73), the most career walks (2,558), and the most career targeted walks (688). He made his acting start in the baseball movie “Rookie of the Year,” which was set between games. Read this biography to learn more about his life, including his youth and work history.

Barry Bonds Personal Information

Full NameBarry Lamar Bonds
Date of BirthJul 24, 1964
Age59 years
Height6’2″ (188 cm)
ProfessionBaseball player, Athlete, Actor
FatherBobby Lee Bonds
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$100 million


Growing Up and Early Life

Barry Bonds was born in Riverside, California, to Bobby Bonds, who used to play center for the Giants and in Major League Baseball. He lived in San Carlos as a child.

Bonds went to Junipero Serra High School for his formal schooling. Barry Bonds has always been strong and good at sports. He was great at ball at school and also did very well in basketball and volleyball.

Barry Bonds

Because of his great records and natural skill at the game, he was put on the varsity team and named a prep All American. The Giants offered to pay him to play professionally, but a disagreement over the terms of the deal made him decide to go to college instead.

He went to Arizona University and got his degree in criminology there in 1986. He didn’t give up his love of baseball while he was in college, and he continued to do better than his college team.

After he graduated from college, the Pittsburgh Pirates picked him in the 1985 Major League Baseball Draft. He was so good at the game that the League named him player of the month for July 1985.

Barry Bonds Career

Barry Bonds first played in the big leagues in 1986. In the same year, he was the best youngster in the National League and came in sixth place for youngster of the Year. In his first few years as a professional baseball player, he worked hard to improve his skills all the time. He broke records for home runs and batting average.

The Pirates won the National League East title for three years in a row thanks to his strong power play and ability to handle technicalities. Soon after his status as a great player was made.

After the 1993 season, when he was a free agent, he moved to the San Francisco Giants. It seemed like a home team for him since both his father and idol played for the team.

He kept getting better while he was with the San Francisco Giants, becoming a great scorer and breaking records along the way. He won his third MPV award overall, and at the end of the 1993 season, he had hit.336 with 46 home runs and 123 RBI.

In 1994 and 1995, he came fourth and twelfth in the MPV voting, which meant that his records got a little worse. Even worse, his hitting average dropped to.294. In addition to baseball, he was seen in the TV movie “Jane’s House” in a small role as himself.

His comeback was very strong in 1996. Barry Bonds hit 40 home runs and stole 40 bases, making him the first player in the National League and the second player in the Major League to do so. Bonds broke a lot of records that year. He became the fourth player in MLB history to steal 300 bases and hit 300 home runs.

Barry Bonds

Even though his hitting average dropped to an all-time low of.291 in 1997, he hit 40 home runs for the second year in a row, drove in 101 runs, and led the team with 145 walks.

He hit.303, hit 37 home runs, and drove in 122 runs, which was better than his 1998 average. With this, he became the first player in MLB history to hit 400 home runs and steal 400 bases. He was the fifth player in baseball history to get international walk that same year.

Barry hit.306 with a.688 batting average in the 2000s, hitting 49 home runs in just 143 games and getting 117 walks, which was the most in the league. He broke more records in 2001, setting new personal bests and world marks.

As of the All-Star break in 2001, he had hit 39 home runs, walked 177 times, and hit.515 to lead the big leagues. At the end of the season, he had hit 73 home runs, which was a big league record. His slugging percentage was.863.

He signed a new five-year deal with the Giants in 2002, which was worth a record $90 million. In 403 at-bats, he hit 46 home runs. With a career high of.370 that same year, he won the NL batting title. He had an.799 slugging average and walked 198 times by the end of the year. In the same year, he hit his 600th home run.

He hit 45 home runs in just 390 at-bats during the 2003 season and had an.341 batting average. It was the third year in a row that he hit.749, walked 148 times, and was on base 529 times.

He set most of his own records that year and won his second National League title. In the same year he hit his 700th home run, he won his fourth straight MPV award and his seventh overall.

Before the 2005 season started, the steroid scandal made the news, with reports going around that he was using drugs to improve his performance. However, he was able to get a $22 million deal in Major League Baseball, which was the second highest pay. But he was hurt in the knee and had to have several surgeries and a lot of therapy.

In 2006, on May 20, he hit his 714th career home run, tying Babe Ruth’s record. He later broke Ruth’s record by scoring a run against Colorado Rockies pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim, bringing his total to 715. Later in September, he tied Henry Aaron for the most home runs in National League history with 733. The next day, he broke Aaron’s record, making him the NL career home run record holder.

2007 was an important year in baseball history and in his career. He finally beat Aaron’s record for most home runs when he hit his 756th one off of Mike Bacsik in San Francisco. He now holds the record for most home runs in a career, beating out Henry Aaron. At the end of the season, he had hit.276 with 28 home runs and 66 RBIs in 126 games and 340 at bats.

On September 21, 2007, his deal with the Giants was up. Even though he filed to be a free agent, no team signed him for the 2008 and 2009 seasons. He stands by his claim that he didn’t retire in 2010.

Barry Bonds Important Works

During his long and successful career, he won many awards and set many records. For example, he has the all-time record for most home runs (762), walks (2,558), and foreign walks (688). Besides that, he has been on base 444 times, scored 227 runs, hit 440 extra-base hits, stolen 5 976 bases, and had 12.92 at-bats per home run.

He is the only player in the 500-500 club to have hit 762 home runs and stolen 514 bases. Besides that, he is only the fourth player in baseball history to hit 40 home runs. And steal 40 bases in the same season.

Achievements and Awards

During his more than 20-year playing career. He won many awards for his excellent skill, skilled power play, and deep understanding of the game. He has been named a Baseball America NL All-Star seven times. A Major League Player of the Year five times, and a Baseball America MLB Player of the Year three times.

Not only did he win the NL Gold Glove Award eight times. But he also won the NL Silver Slugger Award twelve times, was an All-Star fourteen times, and won the NL Hank Aaron Award three times. The Babe Ruth Home Run Award  gives to him.

Personal Life and Legacy

Sue Margreth Branco and Bonds got married. They were lucky enough to have two children, Nikolai and Shikari. They broke up in June 1994, and in 1997, the law officially ended their marriage.

He had a close relationship with Kimberly Bell from 1994 to 2003. Barry Bonds wedding, on the other hand, happens at the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco in 1998. They were lucky to have a girl named Aisha. It didn’t last long with this partner either, and she filed for a formal separation in 2010.

Barry Bonds Fun facts

This great baseball player, who won the National League Most Valuable Player Award three times. He had a small role in the movie “Rookie of the Year” while he was playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Barry Bonds Net Worth

Barry Bonds’ estimated net worth as of 2023 is roughly $100 million. During his illustrious career as a professional baseball player, he broke numerous records and received numerous awards. Bonds’ huge net worth was further bolstered by his endorsement deals and large contracts.

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