Bryce Maximus James

Olympic basketball player LeBron James and his wife, Savannah Brinson, have a second child, Bryce Maximus James, who wants to be a basketball player. In a short amount of time, Bryce has become very well known in the basketball world. His father taught him how to play basketball, and he is already a star on his school team. Several basketball teams have made him offers because of how great he is at the game. At the “Amateur Athletic Union” (AAU) level, Bryce has played for the “North Coast Blue Chips.”

Bryce Maximus James


Age: 16 Years, 16 Years Old A male

The family:

LeBron James is his father.

Savannah James is her mother.

Bryce and Zhuri are siblings.

Country of birth: United States

U.S. Ohio is the state

Getting Started

Bryce played many games outside as a child. Bryce grew up with a love for sports because his parents were athletes. But at first, his dad wouldn’t let him play some games because they were too dangerous. The first person who coached Bryce in basketball was his dad. Bryce learned the skills over time and then joined the basketball team at his school. His dad goes to Bryce’s school often to watch him practice and play in basketball tournaments.

Bryce Maximus James

By the time he was 9, Bryce was a big name in the prep basketball scene. After a few years, basketball teams like “Duke” and “Kentucky” started to make him offers. Bryce has played for the “North Coast Blue Chips” at the “AAU” level, just like his older brother. It’s no surprise that his great shot and passing skills made him the star of the “AAU” scene. After that, he was given a Division I scholarship to play for Duquesne University. Bryce told everyone on Instagram about his goal. He now plays shooting guard for the California Basketball Club, where he plays with his brother Bronny. His father has praised Bryce’s play in public more than once, saying that he can’t believe how good his son is at the game at such a young age. In this way, Bryce is the best shot in the family, which is a big deal for LeBron.

A lot of people also like Bryce on social media. His flashy dance moves have earned him at least 1.3 million fans and over 14 million likes on his TikTok account (bryce23james). As a rising basketball star, he is also well-known on Instagram, where his _justbryce account has 1.2 million fans.

Life In General

Leon and Savannah James had a son named Bryce Maximus on June 14, 2007, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA. LeBron James Jr., Bryce’s older brother, has played in many basketball events in their hometown. Zhuri Nova James is Bryce’s little sister. Bryce lived in a huge house in Miami, Florida, when he was three years old. Before LeBron James and Savannah got married, Bryce and his older brother were born.

Both of Bryce’s parents played sports in high school. LeBron played more than just basketball. He also played football. She was a cheerleader and played baseball. Bryce also played a lot of sports as a kid, like soccer and basketball. However, at first, his father wouldn’t let him play football or ice hockey because he was afraid of the dangers of those sports.

Bryce went to school at the Old Trail School in Akron, Ohio, which is in Summit County. He also went to school in Santa Monica, California, at the Crossroads School. He is currently going to Los Angeles’s Sierra Canyon High School. After he finished from middle school in 2021, his dad sent him a tweet to congratulate him.

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