Chris Gayle

A cricket player from Jamaica named Chris Gayle plays for the West Indies national team. He is known as one of the best ball-hitters in current limited-over game versions. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and grew up there. Chris Gayle holds several titles in both T20 games and One-Day Internationals (ODIs). A lot of experts think he is the best T20 player ever. Because of the strange and persistent way he plays the game, he is usually considered suitable for limited-over games. 

Chris Gayle

He does, however, hold several titles in Test cricket. He hit a six off the first ball of a Test match in 2012, making him the only player in the world to do so. This player is among only four in Test cricket history to score two triple-centuries. He is among only a few to score a double-century in a one-day match. He is also an essential part of the “Kings XI Punjab” team in the “Indian Premier League” (IPL). Some other teams he plays for are in his own country, like Pakistan and Australia.


You may know him as Henry, Gayle-Force, Gayle Storm, World Boss, or Universe Boss.

Christopher Henry Gayle, Universe Boss, is another name for him.

Age: 44 years old, 44-year-old men

The family:

Natasha Berridge is her ex-spouse.

Dudley Gayle is the mother.

Height: 6’3″ (190 cm), 6’3″ men

Kingston, Jamaica, is the city.

Growing up and early life

Michael Christopher Gayle was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on September 21, 1979. He comes from a lower-middle-class family. He was the fifth child in a family of six. His parents had a lot of money problems while they were raising him. Dudley Gayle, his father, was a police officer, and his mother sold peanuts to make extra cash to pay the bills.

Chris’s grandpa was a famous cricket player, but neither of his parents played the game. He used to play club cricket when he was younger. Chris became more and more interested in the game because of this.

Growing up in a big family and being poor, Chris worked as a rag-picker for a while when his family had money problems. He also said he stole to help support his family for a while.

Chris Gayle

He wasn’t good at school and spent all his time playing cricket. Chris Gayle finished “Excelsior High School” in Jamaica and joined the “Lucas Cricket Club,” a cricket club in Jamaica.

In his early years with “Lucas,” Chris says, things changed for the better, and he thinks that those years also helped him understand the game. Playing neighborhood games, he slowly started to get the selectors’ attention. He played his first game for the West Indian young international team 1998.

A Career

Chris Gayle first played for his country when he joined the leading West Indian team in 1999. The people in charge of the team liked the way he played. Chris made a big deal nationwide when he got 175 runs against Zimbabwe in July 2001. He also set the record for the most extended starting partnership with Daren Ganga, which lasted 214 runs.

Even though Chris hit a hundred, he wasn’t seen as a regular player for the national team because the game against Zimbabwe was against a weak team.

Then came 2002, and he made the most of being on the national team. By the end of the year, he had made three hundred in a series against India, making him only the third West Indian cricketer to reach 1000 runs in a single year. He joined greats like Brian Lara and Sir Vivian Richards as one of the best.

He was known for hitting the ball hard back then. There were better ways to play in a Test match. He kept getting on and off the national Test team because of this. He put all his doubters to rest in 2005 when he became the first player in Test history to score a triple hundred against South Africa. After a while, Sri Lankan batsman Mahela Jayawardene broke the mark.

Around that time, Chris came down to the field feeling weak and dizzy and had to leave the field a few times during the game. He was taken to the hospital and told he had a congenital heart problem. Chris had surgery on his heart to get rid of the trouble at its source.

Chris Gayle did well in the “Champions Trophy” event in 2006. Australia won the tournament, but Chris was named “Player of the Tournament.” He got the award because he scored 474 runs and took eight wickets. But his success at the “World Cup” the following year was still below average.

Chris Gayle

Chris set the record for most runs scored in a “World Twenty20” game in 2007 when he hit 117 against South Africa. He was also the first cricket player from any country to score a hundred in all three game types.

Because Chris is known for being a hard hitter, he was one of the best picks for the 2008 “Indian Premier League.” Indian movie star Shah Rukh Khan’s team, “Kolkata Knight Riders,” got Chris at bid in April 2008. Chris didn’t play in the first few games of the event because he was touring Sri Lanka.

Chris scored his hundred in a Test match against Australia in December 2009, making it the fifth-fastest century in a Test match. It took him 70 balls to get to 100 runs. He set a new record when he scored two triple-centuries in Test cricket in November 2010. He was the fourth player in the world after Donald Bradman, Brian Lara, and Virender Sehwag.

In November 2012, Chris hit a six off the first ball in a Test match against Bangladesh. He was the first cricket player to do this. He was the fourth player in the world to score 200 runs in an ODI in February 2015.

Chris Gayle’s strength is in playing games with few rules. He has made 1519 runs in 50 international T20 games so far, averaging 35.33 runs per game. It takes him 96 games to score 3,563 runs in the “IPL.” On average, he scores 42.93 runs per game. With six “IPL” centuries, he is one of the players with the most in the event.

Also, he has helped the longer forms of the game. He has played 284 ODIs for West Indies and made 9727 runs, averaging 37.11. He has played in 103 Tests and scored 7214 runs, averaging 42.18 runs per game.

Life in general

Chris Gayle has been seeing Natasha Berridge for a long time. They have a daughter called Krisallyna, but Chris doesn’t want to get married. Chris told everyone on “Instagram” in April 2016 that his daughter had been born.

“Six Machine: I Don’t Like Cricket… I Love It” is the name of Chris’s book.

Chris Gayle

He is a big “Real Madrid” fan and is a huge football fan. Cristiano Ronaldo is his best football player.

The controversies

Even though he is usually calm and happy on the field, he has been in trouble. In 2009, he said he wouldn’t mind if Test cricket went away and T20 cricket took its place. A lot of people didn’t like what he said.

Chris had a disagreement with the West Indies team managers in April 2011. He did not play for his national team for the rest of the year.

Chris Gayle

During a chat with Mel McLaughlin during the “Big Bash League” in January 2016, he got into trouble again. Chris asked her if they could “have a drink after” and then said, “Don’t blush, baby,” which was taken as an insult to women. Many people were angry, and he was given a heavy fine. Afterward, he said sorry and that it was meant to be a joke.

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