Manjot Kalra

Is an Indian professional cricket player named Manjot Kalra. He played for the Indian under-19 team in the 2018 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup. In the last game of the event, Manjot hit a key blow that helped the Indian team win the “Under-19 World Cup” for a record fourth time. Manjot was picked up by the “Delhi Daredevils” at the 2018 IPL draft because he did so well in the World Cup.

Manjot Kalra

Base price for the left-handed batter was Rs 20 lakh, which was paid by the “Delhi Daredevils.” Manjot Kalra used to be the captain of Delhi’s under-14 cricket team. Next, Manjot played for the under-16 team. He was the only player from Delhi to be picked for the under-19 Indian team. After he was put on the under-19 team, the great Indian batsman Rahul Dravid taught him.


25 years old,

The family:

Naveen Kumar is the father.

Ranjit Kaur is her mom.

Hitesh Kalra has siblings.

A height of 6’0″ (183 cm)

New Delhi, India is the city.

Growing up and early life

His birthday is January 15, 1999, and he was born in Delhi. The man who raised him was Naveen Kumar and Ranjit Kaur. Manjot has an older brother named Hitesh Kalra. He was a big part of his younger brother’s progress in cricket.

Manjot first went to “Lancer’s Convent School” in Delhi and then switched to “Bal Bharati Public School.” Manjot did well in school, but he was never interested in sports.

His brother Hitesh was the only one who got him into cricket. Manjot would go to the cricket field with his brother and finally start playing with him. Manjot was chosen for the under-14 Delhi cricket team because he did well in a few local events.

After doing well for the under-14 team, Manjot was made captain of the group. Even though he scored a hundred as captain of the team, Manjot wasn’t sure if he wanted to make a living playing cricket, so he kept studying.

Manjot Kalra

His skills were then noticed by the under-16 team, and he began to do well for them again. For some reason, Manjot started to really enjoy cricket around this time and began to think about making it his job.

When Manjot ended school, he had to decide whether to go to college or play cricket. He decided to play cricket because he was at the top of his game when he played for the Delhi under-16 team. He also started training with the well-known Delhi coach Sanjay Bhardwaj and was finally picked to play for the Indian under-19 team.

Manjot started focused only on cricket after being picked for the Indian under-19 team. Bhardwaj, who used to be Manjot’s coach, said that he would work for almost seven hours every day. Finally, Manjot Kalra was set on making a living from cricket, so he wanted to do well for the under-19 Indian team.

Career: Manjot wasn’t able to get off to the best possible start in his under-19 season as he had hoped. In November 2017, his team lost an Asia Cup game to Nepal. Manjot also had a bad game as an individual. He got 35 runs off of 69 balls, which is not a good strike rate of just over 50.

Manjot went to Malaysia for the field match even though he knew his father was having heart surgery back in India. The “Asia Cup” wasn’t going well for Manjot, but the “Cooch Behar Trophy” for under-19s was a great run.

His score of 172 and a few other game-winning hits made sure he would be in the under-19 World Cup team. In order to play in the famous World Cup, Manjot moved to New Zealand, where it was being held.

Even though he got an impressive 86 against Australia in the first game of the World Cup, he didn’t play as well in the next three games. Manjot wasn’t on the team for the league game against Papua New Guinea because he had failed three times in a row.

Manjot played in the very important semi-final game and scored 47 runs that were very important. Following his tough 47 against Pakistan in the semi-final, many newspapers and magazines paid special attention to Manjot.

When he made 101 not out against Australia in the final game, which won the game, he became more well-known. Many people told Manjot how great it was that he took the game away from his opponent. ‘Delhi Daredevils’ also bought him in the IPL auction in January 2018.

Problems with Manjot Kalra

Kirti Azad, a former cricket player, talked to the cops about Manjot in 2015 and said he was cheating. As shown on the papers Manjot turned in, his birthday was listed as January 15, 1999. However, Azad said that Manjot had fake papers and that his real birthday is January 15, 1998.

The “Delhi and District Cricket Association” (DDCA) and the “Board of Control for Cricket in India” (BCCI) stepped in and made Manjot take a number of tests to prove his age. Through the tests, it was proven that Manjot was born on January 15, 1999. He would also be able to play for India in the under-19 world cup, which would be the most important event in his life.

Life in general

The two of them are close to Manjot. His parents were there for him and helped him when his work was full of problems. Shiva Singh, a player on Manjot’s under-19 team, is a good friend of his.

Manjot is from Delhi, but “Royal Challengers Bangalore” is his favorite IPL team. Virat Kohli is, unsurprisingly, his favorite cricket player, and he looks up to him. Kohli is someone Manjot really looks up to, and he hopes to be like him soon.

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