Why Do Tennis Players Cycle After A Match

It’s to aid in their post-match warming up so they can recuperate more quickly and prevent muscular strains. It aids in the release of accumulated lactic acid. After riding a bike for roughly ten minutes, they consume a lot of food high in carbohydrates and protein. Andy Murray reportedly consumes a ton of sushi following a game.

Tennis players Recover By Cycling After a match

When it comes to strategies to recover from a tennis match, you should concentrate on returning your body to normal and continuing to be active right away after a strenuous practice or match. Following a match, tennis players typically wish to concentrate on the following:

  • Hydration during rest
  • nourishment and pain management
  • massage
  • extending therapy for mental health

Correct recovery can be achieved easily simply warming down following a game. A warm-down can benefit your body in the same way as a warm-up does. We advise riding a bike and remaining active for 15 to 20 minutes after the game or event in order to achieve this. Stretches, a little jog, or anything else to keep your body moving can also be tried; just not to the point that you become overly stressed or overwhelmed.

Why Do Tennis Players Cycle After A Match

Regular Tennis Players’ Post-Match Routine

These suggestions can help you get motivated the next time you play tennis now that you are aware of the advantages of having a post-match routine. The next time you leave the court after a game, try these suggestions:


You can ride a stationary bike for ten to fifteen minutes, just gentle pedaling, as part of your warm-down. Your body will profit from this low-intensity workout even after you leave the tennis court. It will be more beneficial than just lying down or stopping movement. Moreover, it is excellent for your muscle fibers because your warm-down strengthens them more than resting does.

It’s not always as fantastic as it seems to go from 100 to zero.


After a tennis match, you should concentrate on hydrating yourself thoroughly. Players typically consume a mix of glucose and electrolyte drinks. After an intense workout, you may choose Gatorade or Vitamin Water. Your body absorbs and retains water more effectively after exercise if you consume a small amount of sodium and other electrolytes.


It’s always important to stretch once you feel hydrated. Stretching helps tennis players avoid injuries both on and off the court. Just perform yoga, jumping jacks, or toe touching as a sign of relaxation. You don’t have to get hot under the collar doing this.


After playing tennis, every player needs a pick-me-up, therefore it’s a good idea to eat something light and healthful.

*Protein and carbohydrates are advised*

Utilising Cold Hydrotherapy

A different practice for tennis players to think about is cold hydrotherapy following a match. An ideal illustration of this would be an ice bath. A player’s recuperation can be accelerated by spending five to ten minutes in an ice bath to lessen pain and swelling in their muscles.


Finally, getting a massage following a tennis match could be a smart habit. Depending on how hard the game is, massage your muscles can help you recover more quickly and stay in good shape for your upcoming on-court performance. Why can’t you end your day with a 45- to 60-minute massage like ATP pros do?

How much time is enough for a cool-down routine?

After a match, most tennis players take 20 to 30 minutes to finish their warm-up or cool-down. You don’t have to get too serious after court time, as we discussed, though this can vary from player to player. Stretching and 15 minutes of bike riding might be a great way to cool down, or even go for a little jog. Be kind with your body.

It’s not always possible to play tennis for more than thirty minutes after a match, given that matches might take anywhere from an hour to more than two hours. Choose what your body responds to the most. After a game, experts advise being cautious mostly to avoid future catastrophic injuries.

Will Riding a Bicycle Help You Become a Better Tennis Player?

Most medical professionals concur that riding a bike following a tennis match is advantageous. Tennis pro Allistair McCaw points out that this is better suited as a warm-down method and will rarely directly improve your game.

Cycling can be an excellent warm-up or cool-down workout, but once more, it’s ideal to concentrate on on-court training to improve your game. In order to “maintain their fitness and aerobic level,” Allistair says he would keep an athlete off the court and on a bike if they had a lower limb injury.

Thus, keep in mind all of these helpful hints and observations.

Other Post-Game Cool-Down Activities

Here are a few stretches you can perform following a game as additional exercises:

  • Exercises for the tennis back, such supine twists
  • Stretching the Achilles tendon and calf muscles
  • Stretches for tennis elbow
  • Stretches for the crossed shoulders
  • Stretches for the chest
  • Stretching the quads and hip flexors
  • similar to a supine figure four, hip stretches
  • Stretching your hamstrings while sitting
  • Butterfly elongation
  • Stretch of the pigeon


We discussed whether it’s beneficial to ride a bike after a tennis match in this piece, along with a self-care routine. Prior to, during, and after a tennis match or practice, you should concentrate on rehydrating, stretching, eating, warming up, and maintaining the health of your body.

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